MDM Wound Ventures Donates Innovative EZDebride Product to Accelerate Healing for Ukraine’s Wound Victims

MDM Wound Ventures announces its donation of the EZDebride to hospitals in Ukraine in support of the survivors of the Ukraine war and enhance wound care.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2024 — MDM Wound Ventures, a leading medical technology company headquartered in San Antonio, TX, announces its donation of the groundbreaking EZDebride – a cutting edge sharp debridement instrument to hospitals in the western part of Ukraine. Sharp debridement is the procedure of removing dead or unhealthy tissue from an open wound. The donation aims to support the survivors of the Ukraine war and provide vital resources to enhance wound care and expedite healing.

The EZDebride, a sharp debridement instrument, will play a crucial role in accelerating healing for Ukraine’s injured survivors. With the use of the EZDebride instrument, wounds can now be easily cleaned effectively with little time and effort, resulting in healthier tissue with less infection. With the removal of multiple contaminants within the wound, the EZDebride allows all types of clinicians to clean wounds, expanding the field of use in multiple environments quickly and efficiently.

“MDM sympathizes with the vast amount of survivors in Ukraine. To best support the Ukrainian people enduring these difficult times, we have made it one of our missions to provide the tools necessary to heal their wounds,” said Jamie Hong, CEO of MDM Wound Ventures.

The EZDebride allows healthcare professionals with minimal training to perform expert and effective sharp debridements much faster than trained surgeons using traditional methods. This donation from MDM Wound Ventures addresses the urgent need for proper wound care resources in Ukraine. With survivors fleeing to western Ukraine seeking refuge and safety, healthcare providers in the region face shortages in equipment and trained personnel. The EZDebride will empower clinicians who have trained for ten minutes to perform safe and efficient debridements. This increases both the number of clinicians able to perform debridements and the number of patients attended to by each clinician.

According to the Journal of Wound Care (JWC 2021), the EZDebride reduces bioburden up to 75% with minimal pain, with a mere 0.6 increase on the PEG scale. What this means is that the EZDebride instrument removes aggressive bacteria (bioburden) from the wound, consistently reducing infection, which can lead to amputation and expensive health care costs. The EZDebride wound instrument (as compared to traditional surgical instrumentation which has been used for many years) allows for less pain and discomfort during the treatment. This reduces the resources needed to manage pain and minimizes the need for anesthesia as well. Its controlled-depth feature ensures precise cutting without harming healthy tissue, making it a preferred option for healthcare professionals.

Dr. Oleskandr Dunayev, from the western Ukraine hospital system, commented on the use of the EZDebride and the importance of the donation to his hospital. “The donation of the EZDebride instrument will significantly improve healthcare outcomes for injured survivors in the battlefield.” Dr. Dunayev further explained, “By expanding the pool of practitioners who can perform expert debridements, the EZDebride increases the availability of skilled professionals, enabling highly trained doctors to focus on critical cases. I want to thank MDM Wound Ventures for their dedication to improving wound healing outcomes with the EZDebride and for making Ukraine an important focus due to the dire situation in our country.”

The company plans to continue its philanthropic efforts in Ukraine and extend its reach to other underserved areas. This has been one of the visions of the Chairman and Founder of MDM Wound Ventures, George Atallah. “I want to thank International Orthodox Christian Charities for partnering with us to facilitate this donation of the EZDebride to hospitals in western Ukraine that are serving conflict survivors. Without IOCC’s help, this would not have been possible, and I want to personally thank them for helping get the EZDebride to Ukraine.”

About MDM Wound Ventures:

MDM Wound Ventures is a leading medical technology company focused on developing innovative wound care solutions. With a mission to enhance healing practices and support underserved communities, MDM Wound Ventures aims to make a positive impact in the field of wound care. The company’s donation of the EZDebride debridement tool to the Burn Center in Ukraine showcases its commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for wound victims.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact MDM Wound Ventures via email at or by phone at 888-884-7515. More details about MDM Wound Ventures can be found on their LinkedIn page.

About EZDebride:

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