EZ Debride Launched First-Of-Its-Kind Medical Instrument At Wild on Wounds.

October 4, 2017

Sharp debridement tool has revolutionary design that allows clinicians to debride like experts.*

EZ Debride, a registered brand of MDM Wound Ventures LLC, developed and manufactured out of Schertz, Texas and Millersburg, Pennsylvania, officially launched for distribution in the United States at Wild on Wounds National Conference in Las Vegas, NV.


Three Doctors doing surgery on a patient

EZ Debride is the next generation in sharp debridement. Designed by a surgeon, EZ Debride is a simple to use, sharp debridement instrument that can allow certified clinicians, with little or no prior debriding experience, to confidently and precisely debride like an expert. *

Designed to provide an easy, rapid and disposable option to debride wounds, EZ Debride will quickly become a valuable instrument that can be used by any wound care specialist.

“As a first-of-its-kind debridement tool, EZ Debride fills an unmet need in wound management for easy, sterile and safe sharp debridement,” says Derek Denton, CEO of EZ Debride. “The simple, disposable design can truly be used by all certified medical and clinical professionals where sharp debridement is required.”

This single use product has several revolutionary designed features, including an easy to grip handle, cutting flutes, a counter balanced head and flexible neck. EZ Debride is simply pulled across the wound bed, allowing its cutting edge design to remove non-viable tissue and bioburden rapidly, easily and safely, allowing the wound to heal more quickly.

“Discovering the EZ Debride wound debridement instrument will make influential changes in my practice. The EZ Debride removes fibrous tissue as well as light callous with little effort and removes necrotic tissue and wound slough beautifully. The wound can be debrided to a nice bleeding base with just a few strokes and its no-worry control prevents debriding too deeply into good granulation tissue or structures.” – Dr. Daniel Olson, DPM, Owner of Bay City Associates in Podiatry, Erie, Pennsylvania.

EZ Debride will be available for purchase in the United States at ezdebride.com, with availability in Canada, the UK and other countries coming soon.

*With proper training.