Revolutionizing Wound Care.
Reducing Patient Pain.

Experience efficient biofilm removal that streamlines wound care procedures, while always prioritizing the comfort of patients.

Medical Practitioners

Addressing wound complexity is easier with the EZDebride Instrument. Ergonomically designed for varied wound types, it minimizes risks of finger stick injuries and biohazard exposure. Adaptable to ORs, ERs, and wards; a brief training course is available for optimal use.


Boost your OR efficiency and turnover with an affordable solution that lessens bleeding complications and pain management costs. The EZDebride Wound Instrument offers a concise training course, easy-to-understand terminology, and hands-on demos. It provides safe, precise depth debridement, minimizing infection risk and ensuring wounds are bloodied, not bleeding.


Increase efficiency, utilization, and savings with a tool that reduces room turnover time to under six minutes, enabling broader team involvement in wound care. Compared to traditional tools requiring physician expertise, this solution invites medical assistant participation. Plus, its usage is billable under procedure codes 97597 and 97598.


Offer your clients an innovative tool for fast, accurate biofilm and non-viable tissue debridement, minimizing harm to delicate wound beds. Ideal for beginner practitioners, it reduces finger stick risks and allows broad health care specialty outreach. Plus, it’s economically sound with reimbursement via codes 97597 and 97598, requiring minimal training.


Elevate Your Wound Care Excellence

EZDebride’s revolutionary design is a single use, disposable instrument that offers both comfort and precision. Features include cutting flutes, a flexible neck, counter-balanced head and easy to grip handle.


For more information about EZDebride, about availability in your country, or to request a clinician visit and demonstration, please call us at (888) 844-7515