EZDebride Is Now Available In South Korea

MDM Wound Ventures, Inc Signs A Distribution Agreement With Uct Medical Co Ltd.

MDM Wound Ventures, Inc Signs A Distribution Agreement With Uct Medical Co Ltd.

San Antonio, TX – EZDebride, a registered and patented brand of MDM Wound Ventures
Inc. developed and manufactured out of San Antonio and Kerrville, Texas, is announcing the distribution agreement with UCT Medical Co Ltd. Seoul, South Korea.
“UCT MEDICAL CO., LTD. is happy to launch EZDebride in Korea. UCT Medical was founded in 2010, has been managing sales & marketing with global business partners as an exclusive distributor.

UCT has successfully launched various products, especially for wound, neurosurgery, and orthopedic surgery, and built a good reputation with customers. UCT will use much effort to promote EZDebride’s efficiency and safety.

We genuinely believe that EZDebride will help both doctors and patients.”
John Lee, President/CEO, UCT MEDICAL CO., LTD. http://uctmedical.com/
EZDebride was awarded a “Top Innovation” by Wound Management and Prevention. Designed by a surgeon, EZDebride is a simple to use, sharp debridement instrument that can allow clinicians with little or no prior debriding experience to confidently and precisely debride like an expert (with proper training). Clinically proven to provide an easy, rapid, safe, and less painful option to debride wounds, EZDebride will quickly become a valuable instrument that any wound care specialist can use.

EZDebride is available for purchase in the United States at ezdebride.com, with expansion plans for Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and other countries and territories.


For more information about EZDebride or MDM Wound Ventures, Inc or to book a clinical visit and demonstration, please contact:
MDM Wound Ventures Inc
8800 Broadway St., #200, San Antonio, TX. 78217
888 884 7515

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