EZDebride Receives Canadian Industrial Design Patent

EZDebride was granted an Industrial Design Registration by Canada.

EZDebride, a patent pending and registered brand of MDM Wound Ventures LLC, developed and manufactured out of Schertz, Texas and Millersburg, Pennsylvania.

EZDebride is the next generation in sharp debridement. Designed by a surgeon, EZDebride is a simple to use, sharp debridement instrument that can allow certified clinicians, with little or no prior debriding experience, to confidently and precisely debride like an expert. *

Designed to provide an easy, rapid and disposable option to debride wounds, EZDebride will quickly become a valuable instrument that can be used by any wound care specialist.

This single use product has several revolutionary designed features, including an easy to grip handle, cutting flutes, a counter balanced head and flexible neck. EZDebride is simply pulled across the wound bed, allowing its cutting edge design to remove non-viable tissue and bioburden rapidly, easily and safely, allowing the wound to heal more quickly.

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