Pioneering Wound Healing: EZDebride Debridement Paired with ANTHEM Wound Matrix Fenestrated Application

Uncover the future of wound care with our latest clinical demonstration featuring the EZDebride Instrument combined with an ANTHEM Wound Matrix Fenestrated Application. This powerful alliance redefines the boundaries of wound healing, offering an innovative and highly effective approach to patient care.

The EZDebride Instrument, a brainchild of a seasoned surgeon, offers safe, rapid, and easy removal of non-viable tissue and bio-burden. It is equipped with a comfortable grip, precise cutting flutes, a balanced head, and a flexible neck – all attributes that enhance the efficiency of the debridement process.

The ANTHEM Wound Matrix Fenestrated Application further elevates the healing potential. This specialized dressing offers enhanced absorption, encouraging effective wound management and promoting faster healing.

In our most recent video, we provide a clinical demonstration of the EZDebride instrument used in tandem with an ANTHEM Wound Matrix Fenestrated Application. The viewer discretion is advised due to the medical nature of the procedure. Rest assured, the demonstration is carried out by a skilled clinician, proficient in the use of the EZDebride Instrument.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to witness a revolutionary step in wound care, which unites the efficiency of EZDebride with the healing capabilities of the ANTHEM Wound Matrix. Experience the combination that is setting new standards in patient care.

Experience the Future of Wound Care with a Guided Demo

Discover innovative solutions and witness their effectiveness in a guided demo. Revolutionize your wound care practice. 

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