Innovating Wound Care: Clinical Demonstration of EZDebride with Amniotic Graft Application

Experience the synergy of two groundbreaking medical technologies in our latest clinical demonstration: the EZDebride Instrument paired with an amniotic graft application. This combination maximizes wound healing potential, promising a revolution in patient care.

The EZDebride Instrument, designed by a skilled surgeon, ensures swift, safe, and easy removal of non-viable tissue and bio-burden. It boasts a user-friendly grip, advanced cutting flutes, a balanced head, and a flexible neck – all features contributing to an efficient, conservative debridement process.

When combined with the application of an amniotic graft, a biologic wound dressing derived from the human placenta, the benefits to wound healing are amplified. The amniotic graft introduces powerful regenerative properties, promoting faster healing and minimizing scarring.

In our new video, we present a clinical demonstration of the EZDebride instrument used in conjunction with an amniotic graft application. Please note that viewer discretion is advised due to the realistic depiction of the procedure. The demonstration is performed by a clinician who has been expertly trained in the use of the EZDebride instrument.

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