MDM Wound Ventures Appoints Mr. Jamie Hong as Chief Executive Officer

MDM Wound Ventures, a leader in advanced wound care solutions with a range of products designed to be used by doctors, medical assistants, and patients to decrease healing time and reduce pain, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Jamie Hong as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately. With a strong background in pharmaceuticals and global operations management, Mr. Hong’s appointment marks an exciting new chapter for MDM Wound Ventures as it continues to revolutionize the field of wound care. Mr. Hong’s mission will be to drive the mass adoption of MDM Wound Ventures’ first product, the EZDebride. (

Mr. Hong has successfully navigated executive positions, overseeing profit and loss, within prominent organizations such as Novartis and Merck & Co. Inc. As a sought-after consultant at Ernst & Young, he provided invaluable guidance and spearheaded critical projects for renowned Fortune 100 companies. With an extensive background in sales and technology transformation, Mr. Hong’s expertise shines through his former role as an executive at Rackspace Technology, where he collaborated with some of the largest Fortune 1000 enterprises on their cloud transformations. Recognized as an active practitioner of Operational Excellence and certified as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt and TPS expert, Mr. Hong profoundly understands how to drive revenue growth within big companies. His exceptional skill set enables him to excel significantly in turnarounds, with a strong focus on institutionalizing change in diverse environments. By executing multifaceted global business development milestones, optimizing gross revenue, and maximizing EBITDA, Mr. Hong consistently demonstrates his proficiency in sales within the big company landscape.

“Jamie Hong’s appointment as CEO is a strong tactical and strategic move for MDM Wound Ventures,” said Dr. Francis Derk, Chief Medical Officer of MDM Wound Ventures. “His deep understanding of the wound care industry, combined with his strong business acumen and commitment to improving patient care – derived from his pharmaceutical days, align perfectly with our mission. We are thrilled to have him at the helm as we embark on this exciting journey.”

“I am excited to be appointed as the CEO of MDM Wound Ventures,” said Jamie Hong. “The company’s commitment to advancing wound care technology and improving patient outcomes aligns with my “True North.” I couldn’t be more proud to lead this experienced team of professionals and work collaboratively to drive innovation, expand our market presence, and ultimately positively impact the lives of patients worldwide.”

Under Jamie Hong’s leadership, MDM Wound Ventures will maintain its focus on developing cutting-edge wound care solutions to address the complex challenges faced by healthcare professionals and patients. The company’s dedication to research, innovation, and quality will remain at the core of its operations as it strives to enhance wound healing and elevate the standard of care. “I am particularly delighted to hire Jamie Hong as our Chief Executive Officer to coincide with Wound Care Awareness Month,” commented George Atallah, Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder of MDM Wound Ventures. “Our mission is to transcend the quality of life for wound care patients by utilizing our products and services, and Jamie Hong, our new CEO, embodies this mission to better the lives of wound care patients.”

About MDM Wound Care (
The MDM mission is to transcend the quality of life for wound care patients by utilizing our products and services. Our goal is to provide services for the whole wound community by optimizing the speed and versatility of debridement, which will expedite healing outcomes. This is embodied by one of our key products, the EZDebride.

About EZDebride (
EZDebride is a specialist debriding instrument made for sharp debridement and has been designed for ease of training and efficiency. EZDebride’s revolutionary design is a single-use, disposable debridement instrument that offers both comfort and precision. Features include cutting flutes, a flexible neck, a counter-balanced head, and easy to grip handle. Our sterile device is a Class 1 FDA-certified and patented instrument.

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