Wound Bed Preparation:  The Fight Against Biofilm with Sharp Debridement Part IV

I would like to do a special blog today that coincides not only with wound care and sharp debridement, but also a trip down memory lane.

Last week I had the honor and privilege of attending the Desert Foot Wound Symposium held annually in Phoenix, Arizona.  It was an amazing event to say the least of which I had not attended for several years.  In many ways, it had brought back so many fond memories of my prior experiences.  This year I found myself again on the podium and also conducting several workshops.  But this year was much different.  I had the privilege in lecturing and conducting a hands-on wet lab on the EZDebride Wound Instrument.  In our last installment, we had discussed sharp debridement and the question that was asked: is there an instrument/device that can provide controlled depth debridement, less bleeding, and minimal pain? And the answer is yes!

The Desert Foot Symposium 2023:  MDM Wound Ventures Booth Featuring the EZDebride Wound Instrument

From left:  Khaled Saffouri MDM CRO, Drs Neil (Attendee), Dr. Smith (Antendee), Dr. Derk MDM CMO, Saliba Atalla MDM COS

The EZDebride Wound Instrument was developed with several key features including controlled depth debridement, biofilm eradication, and less injury to the healthy peri-wound tissue.  In the Journal of Wound Care, May 2021, the Serena Group documented up to 75% elimination of biofilm quantitatively with the EZDebride instrument by using MolecuLight before and after debridement with fluorescence and computer imaging. The average pain before and after debridement with the EZDebride was only 0.6 points on a Peg Scale.  Hemostasis was easily controlled with finger pressure and a piece of gauze as needed and without bleeding complications. 

At the Desert Foot Seminar, we held six debridement work shops where clinicians were able to get familiar with the instrument and also test their debridement skills on freshly sliced apples.  The experience and comraderie shared was extremely amazing.  We also received a lot of feedback on the EZDebride with consistent findings of:  easy to handle, controlled effective sharp debridement, and a desire to use the instrument clinically.  We also provided several videos of the EZDebride in action on a variety of wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, venous stasis wounds, post-surgical complications, flap preparation on amputations within the operating room, and also severe burn injuries.  One of the most common feedback expressions from the audience was “a game-changer in wound bed preparation.”

We will continue our discussion next time and delineate further the advantages of the EZDebride Wound Instrument in Wound Bed Preparation. Please check back often and until next time, fair winds and following seas.


Dr. F. Derk

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