MDM Wound Ventures Revolutionizes Wound Care in Kurdistan Erbil with EZDebride Sharp Debridement Instrument

Kurdistan Erbil, Iraq – MDM Wound Ventures, a leader in innovative wound care solutions and  medical technologies based in San Antonio, TX, has made significant strides in improving wound care procedures in Kurdistan Erbil with its EZDebride sharp debridement instrument.

The EZDebride is a sharp debridement instrument that is specifically designed for controlled depth sharp debridement and wound bed preparation – which accelerates wound healing for patients with minimal to no pain and/or bleeding complications. 

During a recent visit to Kurdistan Erbil, Mr. Samir Stipho, Regional Sales Director for MDM Wound Ventures spent time demonstrating the use of the EZDebride to Dr. Amanj Jalal Namq, a renowned surgeon and member of the American College of Surgery.  Dr. Namq had the opportunity to debride his patients with the EZDebride and experienced first-hand the efficiency and effectiveness of the instrument.  Dr. Namq, expressed keen interest in partnering with MDM Wound Ventures after recording such strong results from the EZDebride for his patients. 

Dr. Namq noted, “The EZDebride instrument saved me more than 30 minutes in an amputation procedure, compared to traditional debridement methods.  This is a substantial time savings where every minute in the Operating Room is critical for the patients well being.  I found the EZDebride remarkably easy and efficient to use  – the cutting flutes with controlled depth made my debridements consistent and perfect every time.  I also admire the ergonomic design and light construction of the instrument.  Needless to say, the overall result was outstanding for me and the patient – where it allows for quicker procedures, with less pain and improved healing outcomes”, according to Dr. Namq.

“We are thrilled to see the positive impact that our EZ Debride instrument is making in Kurdistan Erbil,” said Mr. Hong, CEO of MDM Wound Ventures.  “Our mission at MDM Wound Ventures is to provide healthcare professionals with innovative tools that improve patient care – we are proud to partner with Dr. Namq and other healthcare professionals in Kurdistan Erbil to achieve this goal.”

MDM Wound Ventures plans to continue its efforts to introduce the EZDebride sharp debridement instrument to Kurdistan Erbil and other regions.   The EZDebride is the next generation in wound bed preparation and is easy to use with minimal training.  It is built to provide the perfect wound bed preparation with controlled depth.  Mr. Samir Stipho’s work in the region will help enhance many patient lives and provider debridement efforts.  Data has shown that sharp debridement of the wound every 7 days favors wound healing by 43% and can reach up to 86% efficacy with daily topicals.

About MDM Wound Ventures: 

MDM Wound Ventures is a leading medical technology company focused on developing innovative wound care solutions. With a mission to enhance healing practices and support underserved communities, MDM Wound Ventures aims to make a positive impact in the field of wound care. The company’s donation of the EZDebride debridement tool to the Burn Center in Ukraine showcases its commitment to improving healthcare outcomes for wound victims.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact MDM Wound Ventures via email at or by phone at 888-884-7515. More details about MDM Wound Ventures can be found on their LinkedIn page.

About EZDebride: 

For more information on the EZDebride please visit  


MDM Wound Ventures


Phone: 888-884-7515 

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