Watch our videos to see how simple and effective EZ Debride is to use.

Please be advised that some of these videos feature live clinical situations.

Human Treatment

Observe Dr. Miller using his scrub technique on a venous wound with hyperkeratosis.

Observe Dr. Miller utilizing his scrub technique with the EZ Debride.

Diabetic Wound Before and After EZ Debride

Watch Dr. Michael Miller use his "scrub technique" on two of his patients.

EZ Debride Clinical Product Demonstration

Before & After photos using EZ Debride

Graft Applications

EZ Debride with Amniotic Graft Application.

EZ Debride with Amniotic Graft Application

EZ Debride Debridement With An ANTHEM Wound Matrix Fenestrated Application.

Veterinary Medicine

Observe Dr. Masch of Creston Large Animal Services, rapidly and safely sharp debride an equine wound.

Observe Dr. Kristina Grewal, DVM and Dr. Meredith Masch, DVM of Creston Large Animal Veterinary Services, use EZ Debride for large animal sharp debridement.

Observe EZ Debride in use on a canine neck wound.

Product Overview

EZ Debride Product Overview

EZ Debride Usage Tips