There are always new and exciting advancements in technology, just like there are in the skincare world. If you are always looking for ways that you can look and feel younger, then you are certainly not alone. Lots of women, and men, are always on the hunt for a great treatment or the next potion that will take years off of their appearance. Throughout this search, something that you may have asked yourself is whether or not you should try products with the placenta in them. Is placenta good for your skin and a nice option for a skincare routine?

What Is Placenta?

Essentially, the placenta is found growing within the female uterus during pregnancy. Within this organ, all of the nutrients and oxygen are stored to be transported to the growing fetus. When it comes to the placenta used in beauty products, it will usually come from extracts of sheep or pig placenta. It gets fully sterilized and then added to a variety of creams, sheet masks, and serums.

Why Is This A Trend?

While the use of placenta in certain topical products in the beauty industry may be new, the consumption of the placenta is not. A lot of mammals throughout the animal world consume the placenta once they have given birth. There have also been certain cases of celebrities consuming their dehydrated placenta that has been placed in capsules. This is basically treated like a type of supplement to be taken by the mother postpartum.

What About Placenta Skincare?

Is placenta good for your skin? The short answer is, yes. Placenta is rich in a variety of hormones, proteins, enzymes, growth factors, amino acids, and a range of nutrients. Countless benefits come from using the placenta in skin care applications, including:

  • Repair of skin damage
  • Skin whitening and brightening
  • Reduction of moisture loss
  • Faster wound healing
  • Improved elasticity, and much more!

Because the placenta has been proven for being rich in growth factors, it is excellent for helping to speed up the healing and regeneration of cells. When this happens, collagen is boosted and the result happens to be skin that is younger looking and feeling. It also helps to make the skin a lot firmer while also lifting and hydrating it. Some people have also seen incredible results while using placenta-based skincare as a way to treat acne.

If you are looking to try placenta skincare, it is all a matter of finding which products work best for you and the results that you are hoping to achieve. When you have been wondering is placenta good for your skin, you will find that CiCi Care has products that are a must-try. Sheep Placenta Skin Repairing Cream is the ultimate way for you to reverse time. This is an anti-aging product that contains a host of award-winning ingredients like 24k gold, sheep placenta, and hyaluronic acid. This is the ultimate way for your skin to be reborn while giving it all of the boosters it needs to stay healthy and younger-looking. We do not use any animal testing and you are sure to receive lifting, smoothing, and repairing within a short time of using it!

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