Attending one of the leading drug rehab centers in Orange County can help your loved one regain control over their life and lead a healthy and sober lifestyle. Northbound has the most experienced interventionists capable of changing an intervention from failure to success.

About Us

Northbound Treatment is one of the critical mental health and substance use treatment services we offer. We have an experienced, commited, and empathetic team of interventionalists who take the time to learn about each addict, their family, and their concerns and create customized intervention strategies.

Our interventionists help the addict's families understand their loved one's struggle with addiction and how they may be of assistance to relieve them from their agony. We build the bridge to the family’s recovery and help them understand why a substance user behaves a certain way. Secondly, we ensure that your loved ones feel affirmative, confident, and ready to sign up for treatment with our personalized and effective intervention session.

What To Do If An Intervention Goes Horribly?

An intervention can go either way as you are dealing with volatile results here. If your loved one backs out of an intervention or engages in violent or irreparable behavior, take time to regroup and plan your next course of action. Try to follow through on the ultimatums discussed during the short time you held their attention during the last intervention.

Following through with them can push them towards signing up for treatment or at least sitting down and listening throughout the intervention. It provides another chance to get your point across to your loved ones and helps them see that you are not messing around.

Holding an intervention can get you a reaction and help the addict understand your feelings. It also helps them realize how other members of their inner circle feel about their destructive behavioral patterns. Some drug users fear the consequences and opt for rehabilitation or detox after a follow-through session.

Importance Of Holding An Intervention With An Interventionist

You cannot coerce a loved one to sign up for co-occurring disorder treatment. While anyone can hold an intervention, seeking the guidance of a professional interventionist is crucial to changing an intervention from failure to success. An interventionist will help parties communicate effectively and prevent the addict from leaving the session or lashing out.

Although your goal may be to help your loved one sign up for dual diagnosis addiction treatment, one wrong step can set back the entire process. A professional interventionist will create a script for the meeting/session, choose a dialogue, and set a time frame to drive the addict towards an ultimatum. A tremendous amount of planning and effort goes into planning and staging an intervention to ensure that your loved one feels convinced about signing up for treatment at one of the co-occurring addiction treatment centers.

Call 949-763-3576 to speak to one of our interventionists. Our experienced and friendly professionals can help you stage an intervention and encourage your loved one to seek help from one of the top-rated drug rehab centers in Orange County. Northbound has helped hundreds of families support their loved ones and encourage them to seek help for substance use and co-occurring mental disorders. We can do the same for you. Contact us today.

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